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the band color, solid is common. Do you know segmented or swirled ? They are changes from solid one by adding colors. Like the rainbow wristband, there are 7 solid colors segmented next each other. It is the inspiration from nature. It is a meaningful wristsband. The appearance of rainbow means the end of pain and suffering, the arrival of success and happiness. God will let them see the rainbow at the same time and receive God"s blessing. Legend has it that the person who expresses himself to you under the rainbow will be the most important person in your life. Aother one is swirled wristband. There are 2 to 4 colors on the wristband, swirled each other. The most inportant one is camouflage. It looks like a military uniform color. It is awesome you can wear it when you on the camp or outdoor. Looks handsome. This is the 2 kinds of fair wristbands, you can also make a mold-up on our ocustom photo braceletrdering page to see how it looks better using different colors for the design.    

at least one. There are some for diseases, which when sold, proceeds are donated to research for a cure of the disease. Another type of band is the inspirational type. These bands usually have words of encouragement on them. Finally, the last type of band is one that just raises awareness of a global cause. Some of the recent global causes that have these bracelets are the fight against global poverty, the fight against AIDS, and the battle against racism. The Rubber Band Bracelet trend did last long enough for several NBA players to start sporting them, though. Nike, always with a keen eye on basketball fashion improved on the trend by using the silicone rubber that they had previously used on sports watch bands and creating the Nike Baller Id Band Bracelets. Because you cacustom photo braceletn"t really print on silicone, the messages were imprinted or embossed into the rubber and said sports related things like "Baller" and "Player". They came in sets three, often in specific team colors. Many NBA players, most notably LeBron James were seen wearing the Baller ID Bands on and off the court.            custom-picture-charm-braceletslittle-rubber-band-bracelets

bullies that is big in the UK with blue silicone wristbands that say "Beat Bullying"--ironically these bracelets have apparently become targets for bullies! Other blue silicone wristbands represent general cancer research, prostate cancer support, anti-Bush vote 2004 and tsunami relief. Blue is also used for for autism support; usually the autism support wristbands are a dark navy blue. Also, blue represents domestic violence and child abuse prevention. And, there are blue wristbands that support cystic fibrosis research that say "Breathe". Arthritis Dystonia (a kind of neurological disorder that causes twisting, repetitive movements, and even abnormal postures) Child Abuse Sexual Assault Thyroid Disease Eating Disorders Education Graves’ Disease Pro Choice Ovarian Cancer Irritable Bowel Syndrome Gastro-esophageal reflux disease or GERD Esophageal Cancer Lymphedema, or lymphatic obstruction Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Myalgic Encephalopathy, though the general public often refers to it as chronic fatigue syndrome Prostate Cancer Reye’s Syndrome, a rare but potentially deadly disease that may affect the liver and brain, and which occur in children who are recovering from a viral infection Scleroderma Victim’s Rights Water Quality Sexual Assault Thyroid Disease Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome, a kind of genetic disorder             cheap-custom-silicone-wristbands-free-shipping

e style to express yourself. Debossed or embossed bracelets is the kind that engraved lettering or raised lettering to let you message stand out. Also it can be color filled or printed to become a dazzling bracelets. A custom silicone wristband with different colors, logos or lettering is good for promotion of personal or the organization. People apply silicone wristbands for Cross-fit , Team Sports, Holiday Decoration, Party Favors, promotional gifts, Awareness, Corporate Trade Shows, Political Campaigning or Memorials. There are 7 steps to creat a rubber bracelet. 1. Design the artwork. To write the artwork according to the custom request by the CDR or AI. 2. Make the mould. It takes about 2 days to make the mould for the wristband. 3. Color and rubber mixing. 4. To produce wristbands by the mould. 5. Quality checking. The unqualified product should be picked out. 6. Edge cutting. 7. Packing and delivery. We make all the designs for free. If you need to put your logo on wristband, JPG, PDF or AI file is appreciated. Our designer is skilled to transfer it into the digital proof. We will make it to your satisfaction. All we do for designing is free no matter you place the order or not. Besides we can send you photo physical sample before mass production if necessary.  

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